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Middle East Department

Department Introduction

CSP Middle East Department (hereafter refers to as “Middle East Department”) was established in June 2018 in the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is based on security technologies, smart security, as well as investment consulting, and adheres to the principal of mutually benefit cooperation. Specifically, it cooperates with domestic and foreign partners to provide territorial defense UAV countermeasure for the Middle Eastern countries, integrated air-ground security systems for airports and petroleum/petrochemical facilities, network security for financial institutions, smart security management for large enterprises, security inspections, biometric collection and identification, and other related systems, products and integral solutions. Besides, it also provides investment consulting service for Middle Eastern investors, including equity investment, fixed income investment, real estate investment, entity business cooperation, etc.

Partners and customers in the Middle East Department include, but are not limited to, Huawei, AliCloud, China Overseas Jiuzhou Company, China Electronics Technology Group, Group 42, Transguard, Shamal, and TEAM 4 FOUR, along with other well-known Chinese and Middle Eastern companies, institutions and investors.

About the Service


● UAV countermeasure system (including X-band and Ku-band radar, optoelectronic equipment, radio detection and interference equipment, GPS decoy equipment, GPS rejection equipment)

● Unmanned patrol robots (for airports, petroleum/petrochemical facilities, nuclear power plants)

● Millimeter wave human body scanner (for airports, nuclear power plants, government agencies and other key areas)

● X-ray machine

● Vehicle, container scanning system

● Explosion-proof, explosion-removing equipment

● Black card for identification, authentication and electronic payment

● Smart security keyboard

● Intelligent positioning watch and electronic fence system

● Integrated bio-information collection and identification machine (including iris, voiceprint, fingerprint, face module)

Security Engineering and Solutions

● Command Control Center Reconstruction Expansion Project and Solution

● Intelligent Airport Security System and Solutions

● Refinery, oil depot and oil pipeline area integrated air-ground security system and solution

● Nuclear power plant area integrated air-ground security system and solutions

● Intelligent financial security systems and solutions

● Large-scale event security systems and solutions

Investment Consulting

● Equity investment

● Fixed income investment

● Real estate investment

● Entity business cooperation