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Aviation Security Department

Department Introduction

As an integrated aviation security service provider, CSP takes security consulting service, technical protection and manned protection as its core business, focuses on the professional field of aviation security based on the security industry, creates its own service brand with the concept of establishing a scientific security management system and ensuring continuous security, and provides “one-stop” solutions and services of aviation security, so as to equip airports with comprehensive, omnidirectional and high-efficient security system and conform to the in-depth, integrated and intelligent development trend of aviation security.

During the 17 years of service, CSP has achieved remarkable results in aviation security audit and consulting service, manned protection outsourcing service, AI and smart airport security. It has provided professional aviation security service for many trunk and branch line airports in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Macau, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan, Changsha, Urumqi, Lhasa, Haikou, Sanya, Dalian, Yibin, Linzhi and Qamdo, promoted airport’s aviation security protection level, standardized the security system management and met different airports’ security needs in continuous security, service quality, operational support and enhancement of core capabilities, and achieved affirmation of aviation security authorities and customers, as well as remarkable social and economic results.


Aviation Security Audit and Consulting Service

In 2004, CSP specially designed the aviation security audit and consulting service according to the aviation security audits of national airports conducted by CAAC and regional administrations, conforming to the international and domestic aviation security situation. This service adopts Third Party Audit Report to provide rectification suggestions for compliance and defects of all audit items, so as to meet the aviation security audit standards and requirements, and continue to maintain.

Aviation Security Manned Protection Outsourcing Service

Since 2009, CSP has provided aviation security outsourcing service according to domestic civil aviation development needs, covering aircraft movement area, terminal area, airport functional area and office living area. It is tailored to the characteristics of each region and different security objects, implements differentiated security program and protection mechanism to improve security efficiency, refine security responsibility and form security protection network coverage system in the airport area. Through establishing system, standardizing procedure and strengthening quality to achieve target of work standardization, management institutionalization, staff professionalization, so as to relieve pressure between airport security operation and protective service, reduce security management difficulty of the airport, achieve win-win social and economic results for both the airport and aviation security service provider.

AI and Smart Airport Security

CSP has always insisted on taking innovation as the guide, focused on cultivating new forms of security services, and committed to exploring the integrated development of AI and traditional manned protection. After years of exploration, CSP has found the effective integration point among Internet, big data, AI and traditional manned security service, and actively developed an intelligent security solution which planted man-machine combination security service model into civil aviation security service to improve the service efficiency, protection capability, and the development of smart airport.

Our Clients:

● Haikou Meilan International Airport Co., Ltd.

● Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd.

● Sichuan Province Airport Group Co., Ltd.

● Beijing Capital International Airport Co., Ltd.

● Tibet Automonous Regional Administration of CAAC

● Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport

● Shanghai Airport Authority Hongqiao International Airport

● Shanghai Airport Authority Pudong International Airport

● Chongqing Airport Group Co., Ltd.

● Yibin Civil Aviation Management Office

● Linzhi Airport Tibet of CAAC

● Qamdo Airport of CAAC

● Wuhan Tianhe International Airport

● Changsha Huanghua International Airport

● Wuzhou Airport

● Sanya Phoenix International Airport Co., Ltd.

● Macau International Airport Co., Ltd.