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Railway Logistics Security Department

Department Introduction

CSP launched the railway logistics security department in October 2016 with a team consisting of escort specialists and security management personnel who, with many years of rich experience in armed escort and security management work, are capable of formulating the schemes related to railway logistics security escort, escorting the State confidential documents and important materials, antiques, celebrity calligraphy and painting works, valuables and high-end logistics, as well as handling emergencies that might take place during escort missions.

CSP’s Railway Logistics Security Department has formed strategic cooperation with the national railway security authorities, and on the basis of the rapid development of domestic high-speed rail, EMU, rapid and express lines, has expanded business to four municipalities directly under the central government and some first-tier and second-tier cities currently. We are committed to extending our services to prefecture level and county-level cities in various regions in the future. Adhering to the mission of “providing the customers with the most professional railway logistics escort service at the lowest costs”, we work hard to ensure the punctuality and safety of all the escorted materials based on the railway logistics system, and thus a one-stop railway escort service known as “delivery as needed” has been provided. Breaking the domestic traditional railway escort mode, our company offers a new way of service, featuring an intermodal escort service including highway and railway, which has received acclaims from our broad clientele.

Our clients cover judicial branches in multiple regions including Beijing, Shandong, Hubei, Heilongjiang, Jiangxi, Qinghai, etc.

About the Service

According to the actual needs of customers, our company offers tailor-made railway, highway and highway-railway intermodal escort services of the following confidential documents and/or other important items such as:

●   Confidential documents and important materials of government agencies

●   Confidential documents and important materials of Chinese and/or foreign customers

●   Valuables and high-end logistics

●   Exhibits

●   Antiques

●   Calligraphy and painting works by celebrities