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Overseas Security Department

Department Introduction

As one of the earliest Chinese security service enterprises that go global, CSP began its overseas business in 2003. Adhering to the core principle of “international operation, compliance management and localization service” and implementing “local integrated security solutions” for capacity building, CSP possesses a professional team that combines theoretical research with business practice.

The Overseas Security Department is globally oriented and focuses on “the Belt and Road” construction. It has set up branches in the United States, Kyrgyzstan, Cambodia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and other places. Its security services are available through America, Central Asia, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

With active explorations, proactive experiment and balanced development, the Overseas Security Department has made remarkable achievements in Chinese overseas security field and won unanimous praise from government agencies, industry associations and customers, ranking first in the “Recommended Directory of Chinese Overseas Security Service Enterprises (2016 Edition)” introduced by China Security Association.

In 2016, CSP establish CSP International Risk Management Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd., to integrate the existing resources and create a more international and professional platform on overseas security service platform, so as to provide better supporting services for steady advancement of “the Belt and Road” construction.

About the Service

●  Security services:

Overseas on-site security management, short-term security consultant, VIP protection, armed escort, emergency rescue.

●  Professional support:

Overseas security training, risk assessment, security information, security and protection system design, emergency response plan preparation, security audit.

●  Equipment and kit:

Security management software for overseas projects, security risk monitoring and early warning software, security and protection intelligent equipment, UAV APP, security construction, personal security and protection equipment.

●  Integrated solutions:

Oil and gas site and pipeline security and protection, engineering construction project security and protection, airport and rail traffic station security and protection.