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Security System Department

Department Introduction

The Security System Department of CSP was established by a number of experts from the First Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security in 1994. With strong technical strength, it obtained Class I security engineering qualification.

Since its creation, the Security System Department has been working hard to realize its goals of making innovations on security, enhancing its own skills and providing the highest-quality safety guarantee. It continually carries out a wide range of security services in various fields starting from national key security and protection projects to large-scale commercial residential blocks. Furthermore, it has won wide acclaim from customers by virtue of its professional knowledge, superb techniques and modern operation mechanism in security engineering consulting, design, construction and supervision.

About the Service

The Security System Department of CSP not only engages in the design, construction, maintenance and other basic work of security technology and protection engineering, but also wins the trade dealership of flagship products for a large number of famous security and inspection equipment manufacturers at home and abroad in terms of product distribution. In regard to new business, it has developed the monitoring center services combining technical defense and personnel protection through continuous exploration.


 ●  Intrusion detection system

 ●  CCTV monitoring system

 ●  Access control system

 ●  GPS-based vehicle dispatch control system

 ●  Intelligent home control system

 ●  Information release system

 ●  Electronic inspection system

 ●  Parking management system

 ●  Security inspection system for anti-explosion

 ●  Intelligent anti-theft alarm system

 ●  Generic cabling system

 ●  Building intercom system

 ●  Engine room and lightning-proof system

 ●  Professional anti-eavesdropping/anti-peeping system


 ●  Independently manufactured monitoring equipment

 ●  Agent of HONEYWELL’s full series of anti-theft alarm equipment

 ●  Agent of HONEYWELL’s full series of intelligent home equipment

 ●  Agent of monitoring equipment for well-known manufacturers at home and abroad

 ●  Airport security check equipment


 ●  Anti-eavesdropping and anti-peeping cleaning service

 ●  Security equipment rental service

 ●  Remote monitoring service