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Fruitful Year Made from Painstaking Efforts- 2022 Excellence Selection of CSP Security Service Department

时间:2023-2-17 14:23:23    

Flowers bloom and fade in the reincarnation of four seasons, but leave fragrance for a long time. On the eve of the Spring Festival of 2023, the Security Service Department of China Security & Protection Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CSP") completed the 2022 annual work review and excellence selection.

Hard work pays back despite the flight of time. Look back at 2022, the Security Service Department of CSP withstood the fierce market competition and the severe test of the pandemic, went all out to complete the performance appraisal tasks set by CSP, thus yielding good results. All these outstanding achievements are due to the strong support of CSP, the correct guidance of the leadership, and the selfless dedication of all grass-roots security guards, who are not afraid of difficulties, earnestly strive for the best, actively make contributions to the development of the Department with passion and perseverance, conscientiously perform duties with actions, and always stick to providing customers with satisfactory services. These 24 excellent employees recommended by grass-roots staff and selected democratically are their representatives.

Joyous representatives of excellent employees who received honorary certificates

For over a decade, numerous security guards have been working tirelessly and selflessly to complete various projects of CSP. The times are changing, the trends are changing, and the tasks also vary, but they always keep their mission in mind, stay true to their original aspirations, care about the difficulties of CSP, and share the joys and sorrows with it. They are the driving force for advance, the indestructible cornerstone for development, and are willing to dedicate themselves to CSP. Their outstanding contributions will always be recorded in the development history of CSP. Therefore, in addition to issuing honorary certificates, the Security Service Department also rewarded 12 security guards with ten-year contribution awards and 17 with five-year contribution awards this time, to commend and encourage them to continue to make lasting and stable contributions to the development of CSP.

Representatives of five-year and ten-year contribution award winners holding honorary certificates

As we all know, front-line managers are important for maintaining the good operation of a project. They unite and lead the security team to connect the information exchange between the company and customers. Long-term experience has made them grow into the backbone of the company's operations, and made them feel the responsibility and mission entrusted to them by CSP. In the past year, they have proved with their excellent performance that they boast the courage to take responsibilities and fulfill missions. They have won the support of the project team, the recognition of customers and the company, and guaranteed and maintained the good reputation of CSP. Besides, they are able to balance family and work, and concentrate on their work without distraction under the strong support of their family members. While selecting 4 excellent supervisors, 4 family members of the award-winning supervisors who have provided strong support for their husbands' work were also awarded the Excellent Wife Award to encourage them to contribute to the sustainable development of CSP.

Representative of excellent supervisors and representative receiving the certificate of excellent wife on behalf

The deeds and commendations of excellent employees this time were publicized in the entire security team, and aroused strong responses from everyone. The security guards all said: They will follow the example of excellent employees and backbones, devote themselves to work, contribute to CSP with outstanding achievements, and strive to get such a noble honor in the future.